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"I came into town to visit family and due to the long travel time I ended up with a massive headache. Christine went out of her way to make time to fit me in. Her skills were amazing. If I lived in this area, I would see her all the time."

"Superbly therapeutic, gorgeous environment, totally healing and thoroughly professional"


Relax, Unwind, Release

My name is Christine Douglas, I am a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of New Hampshire, located in the Ragged Mountain Physical Therapy office of Andover, NH. I am a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). I graduated from Saint Michael's College in Vermont with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Then later received my Massage Therapy Certification from New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts, Hudson NH.

I am always looking to keep current and continually train. I have studied with Jeff Mahadeen and the Muscular Wellness Institute to receive my Certification in Neuromuscular Therapy. I blend many modalities including NeuroMuscular, Sports, Trigger Point Swedish and more in order to accommodate what your body needs. My mission is to deliver a therapeutic massage tailored to your needs in order to provide relaxation, enhanced mobility and reduction of pain and stress.  I believe in healing with the hands to help you have a better quality of life.


An all over body, medium pressure, brisk flowing massage to enhance your muscular tone and flexibility, improve your circulation and lymphatic drain while providing you relief of muscular, tension and overall stress.


Advanced soft tissue massage that reflexively impacts your nervous system while directly impacting your muscular system.  It has many benefits such as improving your posture, enhances the communication and balancing of your nervous system.  Focuses on treating and alleviating myofascial pain and dysfunction while deactivating trigger points.


A holistic treatment done with applying pressure to the feet in order to reflexively treat all over the rest of the body by encouraging the body’s natural healing system.  This treatment involves a relaxing foot soak pre-treatment.

A body work technique that involves applying pressure to painful muscle tissue known as "knots"in order to force the muscle to release and restore muscle strength and flexibility while alleviating pain. 


Manual Lymphatic Drainage can enhance the flow of lymph, while reducing any retention of lymphatic waste or congestion.  Excess fluids are mechanically directed to drain while conditioning or boosting your

immune system.


Sports massage is not just for the athlete. It alleviates muscle pain, headaches, trigger points, adhesions and much more.  This massage gets deeper into your muscles. For the athlete: Pre/Post event scheduling is available.

“Nurturing yourself is not selfish – it’s essential to your survival and your well-being.”

~Renee Peterson Trudeau




Ragged Mountain Physical Therapy

10 Lawrence Street

Andover, NH 03216

Tel: 603-545-1722

LIC # 7526

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